Capturing Community Engagement

Panel Session: Documenting Community Engagement Impacts in Digital Measures

Community Engagement, Extension, and Outreach Screen Revisions in DM

  • The following fields have been added – New Mexico County, State (existing values mapped to new drop-down list), Country, KPIs, Areas of Expertise, & Specialties
  • Users can now add additional collaborators.
  • The text “(such as Research, Workshop, Consulting, Committee)” was removed from the field name Type of Activity.
  • This new DM screen provides users the ability to select one or more options on the field Types of Engagement. Data from the Extension and Outreach screens have been merged into this new one, and the summary screen displays the Type of Engagement for each record.

Cooperative Extension Service Scholarship Screen Revisions in DM

  • Add the new field “New Mexico County” after the “Major Program Areas” field. Make the display Checkboxes using the same values for NM Counties that you added to the Community Engagement, Extension, and Outreach screen.
  • Add the following instructional text to the new field “New Mexico County”: “Add one or more NM counties.”
  • This screen is only visible to ACES users.