Capturing Community Engagement

Community Engagement, Extension, and Outreach DM- Activity Insight Screen

After logging into Digital Measures Activity Insight, add activities to the Community Engagement, Extension and Outreach section by selecting it. Users can then add (utilize the “+Add New Item” button located in the top right corner of the screen) or edit items.

Users can do the following:

    • Select multiple types of engagement
    • Select the NM County, State, and Country
    • Add the Purpose (This box can be used to input the situation statement)
    • Descriptions of Activities (plan)
    • Objectives (Outcomes)
    • Evaluation Plan
    • Accomplishments
    • Actual or Anticipated Impact
    • Media regarding the program products (e.g. publications, software, media, curriculum, jpeg
    • Add additional collaborators. View How to Add Authors & Change Author Position
    • Analytics on the number of people reached, businesses assisted, funds realized, etc.
    • Select Areas of Expertise & Specialities
    • Select the KPIs the engagement is in line with NMSU LEADS 2025