Data Entry

This page provides you with basic information about entering your activities in Digital Measures Activity Insight.

  1. Login to your Digital Measures Activity Insight account
  2. Main Menu
    • After logging into the system, the menu items across the top of the screen (Activities, CV Imports, Manage Data, Reports, and More) are the key areas needed to use the system. The Activities tab contains the various categories under which entries are filed.
    • For four of the screens, data is imported from the NMSU source systems Banner and ARGIS. Credit courses are imported once a semester to the Scheduled Teaching screen and monthly new and change import files keep the Contracts, Grants and Sponsored Research screen updated. The Permanent Data and Yearly Data screens are updated once a year in the fall. The major section headings follow the criteria for Promotion and Tenure as defined in the Promotion and Tenure Policy.  File attachments may be be added at Store file fields which are located on several screens (see How Do I… Attach Documents to Store File). The stored files can be accessed online while using the system, and through links on reports for Digital Measures account holders.
  3. Screens
    • Faculty can enter any information that can be contained in the system. Note that while the system provides many fields to accommodate various activity aspects, faculty only need to complete fields that adequately document their activities. Below is a suggested guide as to where many activities can be classified in DM Activity Insight:
Faculty FuntionDigital Measures Screen
Compensated administrative assignment (e.g. department head, director, dean, etc.)Administrative Assignments
Awards and/or honors receivedAwards and Honors
Uncompensated administrative assignments as a college, department, program or university service contributionOther Administrative Assignments Undertaken
Professional Development events for Las Cruces campus facultyProfessional Development
Community Colleges:
Annual Performance Evaluation narratives;Professional development as applied scholarship

Community College Narratives

Community College Professional Development

Grant, contracts, sponsored research (under review, funded, non-funded status)Contracts, Grants and Sponsored Research — ARGIS Import
Sponsorships, solicitations, donations and non competitively awarded projects (e.g. IRG, Hatch projects, McIntire-Stennis, etc.)Sponsorships, Other Funding – Non ARGIS
Research in planning, on-going or writing results phaseResearch Currently in Progress
Credit hours entered contribute to teaching total hours on the Performance Evaluation.Directed Student Learning
Credit courses imported once a semester from Banner; may attach syllabus and indicate overload, new course prep and/or new format.Provide forms of evidence to demonstrate your teaching effectivenessScheduled Teaching/Evaluation of Teaching
Artistic and professional creative activitiesArtistic and Professional performances and Exhibits
Internal committee work done on behalf of your department or collegeDepartment College
Advising student groups, mentoring faculty, program coordinator, academic program review, etc. University
Editorships; officer in professional organizationsProfessional
Community boards; community engagement activitiesCommunity
Consulting (e.g. academic, government, NGO, management, statistical, expert witness, agricultural related, etc.)Consulting
Audio/video; documentary; podcastsMedia Contributions
Cooperative extension activiesCooperative Extension Service Scholarship (ACES specific)
(Extension) Building relationships within the community by extending University resources; (Outreach) Responding to identified community needs with informal education programs; sharing intellectual expertiseCommunity Engagement, Extension and Outreach (screen references information about each type of engagement)
Areas of Expertise, Specialities, Languages, & CountriesFocus Areas
Outstanding leadership initiatives that contribute significant outreach for a program, group, or research effort.Significant Leadership Activity (entries on this screen may be repeated from other sections; see the Promotion and Tenure Policy screen reference where leadership is one of the criteria in evaluation for promotion)
Licensures and certifications specific to your position, e.g., nursing license, law license, teaching certificate, engineering license, CPA, LMSW, IACUC, etc.Licensures and Certifications

Questions regarding DM Activity Insight and your college’s use of the system should be directed to your College Liaison.