Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated February 24, 2021

Below are frequently asked questions. If you do not see the answer to your question, reach out to your college liaison.

Digital Measures by Watermark is the name of the software company that has developed and supports the Activity InsightTM product NMSU implemented in 2011.

Activity InsightTM is a secure and reliable web-based tool for faculty to collect, manage and report their teaching, research, and service activities, along with their accomplishments and professional activities. Once the activities are entered this information is easily accessible and ready to use again and again.

Faculty members have access to their own accounts as well as immediate Department Heads, Deans, and the Provost Office.

Additionally, department admin assistants have been given Admin Entry access and can enter the Allocation of Effort summary percentages on the Workload Information screen.

In many colleges, accounts for faculty are created shortly after the first day of employment. Check with your College Liaison for questions on access.

To learn more about Digital Measures Activity Insight:

Please note that your College Liaison is available to answer your questions. The Liaisons’ ongoing role is to mentor the system to existing and new faculty, and to integrate the system into your college as an administrative data source.

The following screens will have data imported and/or entered into DM so you may need to contact someone to have the information updated:

  • Permanent Data (starting rank, dates of rank advancement, tenure status at the start of the academic) – For updates, contact your College Liaison
  • Yearly Data (academic year, primary college & department, discipline, position title, FTE) – For updates, contact your College Liaison
  • Scheduled Teaching (credit courses) – Imported once a semester; For updates, contact your College Liaison; See FAQ #9 for more information
  • Contracts, Grants and Sponsored Research – Imported monthly from ARGIS; Log into ARGIS to see all of your research at; For updates, please contact the ARGIS administration group in the office of the Vice President for Research by emailing
  • To see latest imports check out
  • Allocation of Effort summary percentages on the Workload Information screen – Faculty can now edit this screen. Prior to Feb 24, 2017 data on this screen was entered by departments or by colleges; For questions, contact your College Liaison
Relevant activities during the year should be entered in preparation for the annual Performance Evaluation report that the Provost’s Office requests. Semesterly updates are recommended to keep information up-to-date.

The most common use of the system will be for faculty members to run an annual Performance Evaluation and Vita reports. Reports can be downloaded as a Word Document, Adobe PDF or in HTML. In Word the documents are editable and sections may be copied for other uses that faculty may have.

Please note that NMSU will be developing other uses for Digital Measures and Activity Insight as the university becomes more familiar with this dynamic system.

Any course that for some reason was not pulled from Banner for import into DM can be entered by faculty in the Directed Student Learning screen where it will be totaled on the Performance Evaluation report and contribute to the grand credit hours for the section.

The Promotion and Tenure policies (ARP Chapter 9) outline the following criteria and scholarships:

  • Criteria: Teaching and Advising; Scholarship and Creative Activities; Extension; Outreach; Leadership
  • Boyer scholarships: Discovery; Teaching; Integration; Engagement

The following Digital Measures Activity Insight screens contain checkboxes for faculty to indicate the criteria(s) and the scholarship(s) that each contribution merits:

  • Artistic and Professional Performances and Exhibits
  • Books, Journals and Other Text-Based Contributions
  • Contracts, Grants and Sponsored Research – ARGIS Import
  • Intellectual Property
  • Presentations
  • Research Currently in Progress
  • Media Contributions

If you have collaborated with other NMSU faculty members on text-based contributions, the first author to enter the citation creates the entry for all the collaborating authors, saving time and effort for all the authors. To the DM system, the entry author is the ‘owner’ of the record. The authors display on the record detail in their own dynamic sub-answer or DSA box (where the Criteria and Scholarship checkboxes are available for selection by the DSA author, see #10). When such a citation is created, the record displays:

Entered By: Pete, Pistol

Title of Contribution

On the Books, Journals and Other Text-Based Contributions summary page, the detail citation record itself can be edited by any of the authors and the results will display for every author. Digital Measures Activity Insight calls this linking collaborators screen functionality: User Reference. The system has several other User Reference screens that work in the same manner and include:

  • Artistic and Professional Performances and Exhibits – add Performers/Exhibitors/Lecturers
  • Intellectual Property – add Inventors
  • Presentations – add Presenters/Authors
  • Research Currently in Progress – add Collaborators


The last screen with the User Reference format, is Contracts, Grants and Sponsored Research – ARGIS Import. The fields for this screen are imported from the ARGIS source system and are not editable; the Entered By name did not enter the record and was selected by DM for the format. Please check out the latest ARGIS.

On the Books, Journals and Other Text-Based Contributions screen…the field Authors et al (optional field for works with six or more authors) located directly after the Authors DSA boxes, addresses the issue of multiple authors if you choose to limit author entry. The delivered DM citation format is APA where guidelines allow for the use of the et al in works where there are six or more authors.

The DM system works as follows if the Authors et al field is checked:

  • The first six authors will be used in creating the citation; per APA guidelines, the number of authors, when using the “et al” format should be capped at six.
  • If there are fewer than six authors, then all of the names will be displayed. If there are more than six, then only the first six names will be displayed.
  • The ‘et al’ citation format will display on the following custom reports:
      Faculty Annual Performance Evaluations
  • Vita
  • Intellectual Contributions by Faculty

When the Authors et al field is used it is suggested that the authors entered be NMSU colleagues.

As for author placement, when a record is first created, the 1st Author is always the faculty member as the account holder. If after adding other authors the placement needs to be adjusted, locate the up and down arrows found to the far right on the Author header row, and click on the appropriate direction. Detailed directions for adding authors and changing author position are located at the How do I . . . link located on the left sidebar.

Please enter them on the Licensures and Certification screen which displays professional licensures and certifications that are specific for your position at New Mexico State University, such as: nursing license, teaching certificate, engineering license, law license, CPA, LMHP, LMSW, Public Pesticide Applicator License, Certified Prof Agronomist, etc.

Please note: Certificates earned while attending professional development events can be entered while recording the event on either the Professional Development screen or the Community College Professional Development screen.

When entering your activities it is important to complete the date fields as the reports you run will ask for a date range. Most of the screens with date fields display the instruction:

Note: For activities that are/were only on one day, leave the start date blank and specify the end date. For activities that you started but have not yet presently completed, specify the start date and leave the end date blank.

Specific date rules:

Q: If the entry has a start date but no end date, when pulling a report that includes the start date in the date range specified will the item be included in a report?

A: Yes, it will.

Below is more info about Start/End dates and what will be included in reports:

*Open End, Starts Before Report Range – If a record has a Start Date of January 1, 2016, but no End Date: It will be included in a report with the date range of January 1, 2017 to December 31, 2017. This happens because the record is considered to be ongoing, even if the Start Date does not fall between the report date range.

*Open End, Starts During Report Range – If a record has a Start Date of January 31, 2017 and the report is run between January 1, 2017 and December 31, 20017: The record will appear in the report.

*No Start Date, Has End Date – If a record has an End Date of January 31, 2017, it will only be included in a report where January 31, 2017 falls between the report range. Example: a January 1, 2017 – December 31, 2017 report range would include the record.

*Undated Records – A record with no filled date questions will, by default, always appear in a report regardless of the report date range.

The Digital Measures Activity Insight system will store any type and number of file(s) in the same secure manner as the rest of the system. The files can be accessed online while using the system and through links on reports when the user is logged into DM.

The Digital Measures Activity Insight system accepts attachments wherever you see the button Choose File…, and this button can be found on the following screens.

  • General Information
    • Personal and Contact Information
    • Administrative — Yearly Data
    • Administrative Assignments
    • Workload Information
  • Teaching and Related Activities
    • Scheduled Teaching
    • Evaluation of Teaching
  • Scholarship and Creative Activities
    • Artistic and Professional Performances and Exhibits
    • Books, Journals and other Text-Based Contributions
    • Presentations
  • Community Engagement, Extension, and Outreach
Questions regarding Digital Measures and your college’s use of the system can be directed to your College Liaison.