Add Authors & Change Author Position

Updated on February 24, 2021

After logging into Digital Measures Activity Insight, follow these instructions to add an author or to move the author position.

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How to Add an Author

1. Starting on the Activities menu, select the appropriate Scholarship & Creative activity.

All topics under the Scholarship and Creative Activities section have their own respective block to add authors/contributors.

2. Select “+ Add New Item” in the top left corner.

3. Complete item information and the First Author section.

The first author section is pre-loaded as the individual logged into Digital Measures.

4. To add aa new author, select “+ Add New Row” (located under the first author block).

5. Complete the author’s information.

If the individual is a member of NMSU, search for their name in the “People at New Mexico State University” to automatically fill in the fields. If the author is not a member, the fields can be completed manually.

To Change Author Position

1. On the author field that needs to be moved, select “Action” in the top left corner of the block.

2. Type in the new position and select “move”.