Attach Documents at Store File Fields

Updated February 24, 2021

Where to Add Attachments:

The Digital Measures Activity Insight system accepts attachments wherever you see the button Choose File…, and this button can be found on the following screens:

  • General Information
    • Personal and Contact Information
    • Administrative — Yearly Data
    • Administrative Assignments
    • Workload Information
  • Teaching and Related Activities
    • Scheduled Teaching
    • Evaluation of Teaching
  • Scholarship and Creative Activities
    • Artistic and Professional Performances and Exhibits
    • Books, Journals and other Text-Based Contributions
    • Presentations
  • Community Engagement, Extension, and Outreach

Types of Files to Store

The Digital Measures system will store any type and number of file(s) in the same secure manner as the rest of the system.

How to access Stored Files Online

  • Online while using the system
  • By links on reports such as the Performance Evaluation Report when the user is logged into DM Activity Insight

How to Attach a File

  • Click on the Choose File… button to display and select the file  from your computer
  • Click on the Open or Choose button on the lower right of the file upload box
  • On some fields, additional files can be uploaded by clicking on the ADD button