Add Authors and Change Author Position

Add Authors

When adding a new citation record to Books, Journals and Other Text-Based Contributions, the 1st Author box or DSA (dynamic sub-answer box) is always the faculty member’s (account holder’s) name. To add the second author, click on the ADD button located directly below the DSA box to the far right:

Add Author Screenshot

The 2nd Author DSA box displays below the first box. If the 2nd Author is from NMSU, select the name using the drop list located below: People at New Mexico State University. If the 2nd Author is not from NMSU or is not in the drop list, enter the name in the fields provided directly to the left of the drop list:

Add Author Screenshot

Change Author Positions

To change author position if Mary E Todd should be the 1st Author for this citation, click on the up arrow to the far right on the 2nd Author heading:

Add Author Screenshot

Change Author Position Screenshot

The positions are changed so that Mary E Todd is the 1st Author and Barbara Roy is the 2nd Author.

The functionality of adding authors/collaborators is called User Reference. User Reference is available on several other screens:

For more information on how User Reference collaborators display on these screens, see FAQs # 11.