Create NIH, NSF Biographical Sketch Reports

Updated February 24, 2021

In June 2015, the Digital Measures vendor revised the system’s NIH, NSF Biographical Sketch reports and screens to reflect the most current requirements from NIH and NSF. These reports enable faculty who apply for NIH and NSF grants to have the specified current format ready for quick grant applications.

Preparation for Running the Biographical Sketch Reports

In order for the reports to accurately pull in the relevant records, some updating to existing activity records or the entry of additional records may be necessary to align with the criteria of the NIH and NSF Biographical Sketch reports. Specific information entered and saved in the following Digital Measures Activity Insight screens will feed into the Sketch reports and ensure fulfillment of the prescribed requirements:

Employment History – both the NIH and NSF Sketches have sections for previous appointments/positions. The NIH Sketch further divides previous employment into academic and non-academic sectors which can be designated by the selection from the Experience Type field on the screen.

Awards and Honors – the NIH Sketch contains a section entitled Honors.

Education – both the NIH and NSF Sketches have sections for degrees and professional preparation. For the NIH Sketch, please note you now need to enter the month as well as the year on the field Date Completed.

Additionally, the NSF Sketch contains a section entitled Graduate Advisors and Postdoctoral Sponsors. These are entered on the Education screen in the new DSA (dynamic sub-answer) box for Advisors.

Professional Memberships – the NIH Sketch Report contains a section entitled Other Experience and Professional Memberships which will draw from saved records entered on this screen. In the same NIH Sketch section, saved records from the Professional screen will display if the Position/Role field contains the values: “Board of”, “Editor”, “Reviewer”.

Directed Student Learning – the NSF Sketch contains a section entitled Thesis Advisor and Postgraduate-Scholar Sponsor. Saved records will display in this NSF Sketch section if the Involvement Type field contains the text: “Dissertation”, “Doctoral”, “Master”, “Postdoctoral Research Supervisor”.

Books, Journals and Other Text-Based Contributions – Criteria for selection of publications into NIH, NSF Reports includes publications that are peer-reviewed and have the Current Status of “Accepted”, “Published”. Additionally, the field PubMed Central ID Number was added to this screen for entry of the unique PMCID.

Books, Journals and Other Text-Based Contributions – NIH specific field:


Books, Journals and Other Text-Based Contributions – NSF specific field:

The field NSF: Institution/ Company was added to the DSA box for identification on authors who are not listed in the NMSU drop list.

Contracts, Grants and Sponsored Research ARGIS Import and Sponsorships, Other Funding Non ARGIS – the NIH Sketch contains grant and other funding records under the Research Support section on the report. ARGIS records will be available if the current status is “Funded” or “Closed”, and non ARGIS records will be available if the status is “Funded”. You will be able to select the precise list of relevant grants on the NIH, NSF Biographical Sketch screen per perspective grant requirements.

Preparing the Biographical Sketch – NIH | NSF Screen:

This screen located as the last screen under the Scholarship and Creative Activities section, is fairly self explanatory and a careful reading of the screen directions and help texts will ensure usable Sketch report(s). The screens are designed to be flexible and used differently than the majority of the other screen in the system. It should not be used to collect an historical record of selections for Biographical Sketch reports. Instead, it should always be used with current needs in mind, to record and reuse selections that can feed one or more Biographical Sketches for upcoming grant proposals.

Running the NIH, NSF Biographical Sketch Reports:

The Biographical Sketch reports are run by going to the “Reports” tab located at the top of the page.

1) Select the desired Sketch report.

2) Enter the Start Date for the earliest job/appointment that you want to display from the Employment History screen. The End Date can be a current or future date depending upon the dates saved on records in the feed screens outlined above.

3) Select additional filters to use (optional).

4) Select the file format.

5) Select the page size.

6) Click the “Run Report” button located in the top right corner and a report will be generated that can be downloaded, opened, and/or saved.